Euro4work is a collective of self-employed individuals.The people who work at Euro4Work are all partners in the company. We are all, to put it simply, self-employed "free lancers". Each individual member negotiates payment for and invoices for his/her own work. Minimum payment is 15 EUR/hour or SEK 150 + 25 % Swedish moms (value added tax). Depending on the qualifications and the equipment needed for the work, payment may be higher.

All Euro4Work companies have Swedish "F" tax and pay in Swedish moms (value added tax). The administrative reporting tasks of the partner's tax and employer's social security contributions are administered through Euro4Work. The partner him/herself is responsible for paying its own taxes and fees.
A partner=co-owner has liability insurance through ALMEGA and life and accident insurance through SKANDIA. Each partner=co-owner has sickness insurance where he/she is resident and thus liable for tax. If a partner desires better life and accident cover he/she must arrange this personally.

Euro4Work works in the sectors:

Euro4Work Care KB(Health care)
Euro4Work Clean KB(Cleaning)
Euro4Work Farm KB(Farming)
Euro4Work Garden KB(Gardening)
Euro4Work Home KB(Home help)
Euro4Work Restaurant KB(Catering)
Euro4Work Transport KB(Transport)

We require high standards from our partners:

Our guiding principles are

Devotion to duty
Willingness to work
Low level of sick leave
The employer should always be satisfied with the work done